Onsite Fuel Polishing & Tank Cleaning

Critical Fuel, an industry leader, is committed to delivering quality service while providing superior customer satisfaction. Contact us today and see why superior makes a difference.

Tank Symptoms

• Dark colored fuel
• Clogged slimy fuel filters
• Water
• Sediment
• Unusual odor

Early Warning Signs

  • Loss in fuel economy
  • Rough idle
  • Engine Stalls
  • Throttle Hesitation
  • Starting issues
  • Excessive exhaust smoke
  • More water in separator
  • Dark exhaust smoke
  • Low RPM at full throttle
  • Corroded injectors
  • Fuel line clogging
  • Filters clogging

Critical Fuel Services provides proper ASTM D975 compliant testing and fuel cleaning that will:

  • Filter 99% of Fuel Tank contaminants
  • Eliminate ALL Fuel / Water Problems
  • Remove algae and bacteria
  • Does not affect manufacturer’s warranty
  • Restore Fuel to 99% of original Octane
  • Minimum fuel loss; Stabilize the remaining fuel


Don’t be caught off guard!  Keep your system running at peak performance. 

After your stored fuel is professionally cleaned by Critical Fuel Cleaning, we recommend that you establish a periodic schedule for us to come out and perform a quick test on your fuel. Ask about our annual service contracts.